Parent-teacher communication is a real issue for schools – get it right and it can make a real difference to results, get it wrong and it can give you a real headache.

Despite being in the digital age, many schools have not changed their methods of communication with parents for a very long time, hesitant to do so because of all the problems this might present. Lack of replies to messages, lack of tracking and accountability, lack of statistics and over-enthusiastic parents can all cause issues; that’s where eparents comes in.

Eparents is a cloud-based system that means you no longer have to give out email addresses or leave answerphone messages. Teachers or parents can easily start a conversation about a student at school, allowing potential problems to be addressed quickly and easily. These messages are all safely tracked and recorded by eparents, allowing some great oversights and giving you better control over parent-teacher communications. You can avoid overuse by some parents by setting various limits, get reminders when you forget to reply to a message, and always see a history of any communications with a parent.

  • Send and recieve messages
    Select a student, type your message and send
  • Insights and statistics
    Find out what is going on across your school
  • Control
    Avoid overuse by setting various limits
  • Privacy
    No more giving out teacher email addresses
  • Overviews
    Get overviews of both parent and teacher conversations
  • Reminders
    Get a reminder when you've forgotten to reply to a parent
  • Mobile friendly
    Built to work on all devices, including your mobile phone
  • Integration options
    Integration options for SIMS, CMIS, Progresso and AD

It’s a new way to look at parent-teacher communication in schools and we think it could make a huge difference. We're also constantly adding new features and improvements to the site, all as part of the yearly subscription and because it's all cloud-based, updates are applied automatically as soon as they are ready. If you'd like to have a demo some time, you can reach us via the contact page.